SAFE COLLECTIVE evolved to address rising numbers of crime, drug abuse, homelessness and unemployment among young
people and to manifest a vision held by disadvantaged, yet inspired youths, who are enthusiastic and willing to be productive and creative, to
forge new lives and communities for themselves and return to a state of health and well being, but too often lack the necessary support,
guidance, resources and means to achieve their dreams.

SAFE COLLECTIVE aim to inspire and empower young people to regain a sense of identity and achievement, take responsibility for their own lives, and actively contribute to building new, sustainable communities, through the provision of our holistic recovery model, which includes advice and information on drug awareness, detox, health, positive lifestyle choices, and diverse, creative workshops and activities, for the development of personal and survival skills, confidence, well being, and the ignition of passion and desire to live the best life ever!


“The best experience of my life.
You have changed my life and made me a better person.”


Welcome to the world of SAFE Collective

It takes a community to raise a child. It is time to listen, to come together and recreate the future for a generation calling out to be heard. We have helped turn around the lives of thousands of young addicts and offenders across SW England, Europe and parts of USA,
reaching thousands of young people with our message ~
Wherever you are and whatever you do ~ Have Fun, Look after Yourselves, Love One Another and STAY SAFE

If you would like to incorporate our acclaimed, tried and tested recovery program into your existing enterprise, or set up a SAFE Collective centre for challenge adolescents in your area, please download our model... SAFE Collective Holistic Recovery Program...Coming SOON!


This website is dedicated to all those who battled addiction ~ and lost.
And all of you who have battled addiction ~ and won.
These pages are for all of you

"Anyone who is worried about the mental health of themselves or a friend, could start by looking at this website." Pineapple magazine
"Your work is much talked of." Tom, Mental Health team, Cardiff
"The depth of your expertise is rare. SAFE collective is THE model for the rehabilitation of young addicts." Jo, DHI, SW England



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